Trick Or Treat

I ventured to the Furla candy bag event today with a prayer in my heart, a skip in my step and a smile on my Ruby-Woo'd lips only to have my spirit brutally crushed when Susie Lau didn't call out my name as a winner in the Candy Bag competition.. with everything shutting I couldn't even buy myself a consolation prize so I walked under the golden arches of love and drowned my sorrows in a creme egg mcflurry.. DAMMIT FURLA YOU GUYS DROVE ME TO SUGAR AND SATURATED FAT.
If you had seen the way I kept eyeing the blue and yellow ones up, I swear I was salivating and all sorts
Susie with the only winner that actually turned up 


Baby Budget Blog said...

Those bags are super cute! Love the colors and I love the red blazer with the black!

Danielle Louise Hunter said...

Lovely photos from the event, I was there too cant believe I didnt get one of those killer bags, desperatly wanted the clear one with pink bottom and orange handles.

check out my blog :)

Florie said...

I'm still seriously devastated that I didn't win one, I wont get over this until I have one!


those bags are sick :)))