As I was reviewing and photographing the Tracy Emin retrospective for work yesterday, a guard came up to me and told me I looked pretty so I smiled and thanked him, but as I walked away he whispered after me "yuh body look ripe yanuh".. I can't even describe to you the disbelief and anger that coursed through me, do I punch him or do I pick up a plank of wood from this installation and knock him dead with it?! I've dealt with that kind of behaviour too many times to say, but it reminded me why I resent being 'curvy' sometimes. I hate the way a lot of men feel my body type/shape invites or in some way justifies their degenerative, derogatory little comments. I'm over it now, but the next person to say anything along those lines to me is cruisin' for a bruisin'**. The whole incident made me stay away from my beloved Uniqlo skinnies today and reach for these roomy trousers instead.
**sad to hear the man who made that phrase famous Jeff Conaway has passed away, Kenickie was my favourite character in Grease, after Danny and Sandy.
ps. I made this waistcoat 5years ago in my textiles class, found it hiding out in my fabric bag a few weeks ago!


rawlikesushi said...

Oh gosh, I definitely feel you on that one, love. Not only being curvy, but being a woman of colour as well, people generally seem to think its ok to approach you, or assume, that you are in some way more sexualized than other women. Not only men, but women as well seem to think that curvy women of colour are in some ways overly-sexualized. Regardless of that, I refuse to let anyone do any body policing on me as my body isn't going away any time soon.

Keep on doing you, darling!

Anonymous said...

Its the fufu and okra stew, tryste. i'm just kidding. But I hate when folks whisper sexual indiscretions in my ear like we're on a dance floor not that its permissible on the dance floor but you get what i mean. ugghh!!

Florie said...

seriously it's disgusting, and even more so when the perpetrators are old and gross!

free de lulu said...

Aahh the men(people) really anything

Stereo said...

I've been there, love. Effin' deplorable and well deserving of a swift right hook. I hate that it makes you feel like you need to hide your curves. Asshole.

maphi said...

hahahahaha i get that all the time but i dont ever bother to do anything as i dont want to sink to their level :)

love the outfit btw


Di said...

cool vest! the accessories def add to the whole outfit~ loves it. cute shoes too :D
And yesss, cruisin for a bruisin indeed. (r.i.p Kenickie...)
men apparently don't realize that women don't really like it when they cat-call, esp. when it's with that predatory tone...ick. I say: sink to their level. Man's gotta learn what he's failed to learn for himself. (unless it's dark, and in an stooping to his level then)
awesome song btw.
xo Diana

I'm Just Me said...

love the look!! very cute!!
thnx 4 the comment :)))

Jen said...

AH! Same that's why I tend to stay away from clothes which show my shape.

Erm love the waistcoat, make me one please?

Jen xx

Michele said...

That's terrible! That guy is such an asshole, I would definitely get angry as well. You should basically be able to wear anything you feel comfortable in. It's a shame that men like that cause you not to...
And love the pants and shoes btw;)