Foxy Lady

I have a real hankering for super-short runner shorts right now, and the fact that I want them in leathers, silks and crepes rather than the sporting materials they only seem to exist in is really not a problem at all because I'm on a mission to make my own.
After watching Dogtown & Z-Boys for the twenty-millionth time (and wondering for the fifty-millionth time how to time-travel and groupie it up for the Zephyr crew, Tony Alva in particular) I fell really hard for the classic 70's sportswear - seriously in love with everything but the zip-up track tops.
I was originally gonna make these runners in some lightweight peach silk I have lying around, but I decided in the name of all that is decent, modest and non-lingerie looking to use this leopard print cotton fabric.. the print's cute, the fabric's durable and most importantly you cannot see every crater and dimple on my bum through it (


S.P. said...

*eyes widen* the bangle and the choker just got added to my wish list.
Strut Mode

Desiree Love (Lily) said...

They are HOTNESS personified, the print, winning my all time fave, the finish clean, the shape spot on.
Have you seen the faux leather pair in H&M?

I haven't tried them on but I can already tell they aren't made for the female with a slightly larger posterior .. all d same GETTING EM.

Love it

Your accessories are - jaw droppingly simple but FABULOUS - ahh I think I need to come off your blog and retreat to my bed... shoppings not possible till pay day :(

Southerners from the North said...

that choker. so nice!

Jen said...

you do simple SO DAMM WELL!!
Always look striking in the most clean simple way.

J x

Superblondeep said...

love this simple but perfect and chic outfit. the pants are awesome

Danielle Keenan said...

found you through tumblr.. you are amazing. such inspiration. def following


Follow me but shut up said...

great style, love it...