DIY: Clavicle Chocker

After becoming covetously obsessed with 'clavicle-chokers' (I'm not sure how legitimate the term is but it makes sense to me so don't judge me) I went on a futile search for a simple yet chunky necklace that settled on my clavicles, something a little statement-y but still delicate so as not to completely distract from the gold crucifix I'm always wearing. How surprised was I when I didn't find anything fitting this precise profile? not very, so I dived into my box of tricks, played around for an hour with the bits I found et voila.. a braided piece with skull connectors!

The pictures are pretty self-explanatory I hope, if not you can email me.
I used a metre of open-link curb chain (the links measure 5 x 7mm), screw clasps, skull charms, also I used loose links from the chain instead of jump rings.. all this stuff can be found on ebay or etsy so there's no excuse why you can't give it a go!

took these shots really quick before heading out, I'll take better ones next time I wear it promise!



Rob said...

Love this! I want to try it but I'm not the best at DIY- actually I'm pretty bad. Have you thought of maybe selling a few?..LOL

Neche said...

I love your hair and what wonderful Jewelry!
I love your blog so I followed your blog,Please follow me back? at girl, it's going to mean a lot to me as a fan and a beginner!