If like me you were sent into a mini-depression after replaying this video on a loop, wondering when it'd be your turn to find true love on these here hopeless internets?! then you need to head to The Ones To Watch and check out the story of model couple Harry and Leomie, shot by photographer Kevin Morosky.. ttyl guys I think I'm about to tailspin into a manic episode.

"Harry saw Leomie for the first time while watching the Channel 4 documentary series The Model Agency. He turned to his mother and declared that Leomie was the girl he wanted to marry. After much e-stalking, Harry managed to woo Leomie via Twitter. They have been together ever since. Harry’s mum is still in shock."



Opposite lipstick said...

love it!


Stereo said...

*desperately trying to quash the envy* THAT CHRISTINA PERSON IS SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL and Laith is fine. Just fine for no reason.

I LOVE Leomie and Harry. Young lurve.

*holds you* no depression please.

Jen said...

*sniffs + wipes a tear* this is too cute.

MishSmash said...

awwww that's just beyond sweet.


NRC♥ said...

So incredibly sweet <3


Alina Maya said...

omg! i love love love your blog! and these pictures are so wonderful! new follower!:)

Chi-Chi said...

wow, seriously?! love the determination! they look great together


Rejina Tyson said...

Awwww this is such a cute story! I guess "love at first sight" does exist! ;)

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Wanna Jean said...

Love this post. Makes me believe in love.

Wanna, prettyradicaldude.com