Met Gala 2012

I can't be the only person disappointed with the noticeable lack of drama on the red carpet of the Met Gala last night, I'm not sure if it had more to do with people recycling looks we're used to seeing them in or whether everyone decided to take a collective step away from letting their crazy out, search me. What I do know is that next year I want drama, I want pizzazz, I want panache, I want WOW and I want it all lightly seasoned with bat-shit-crazy-stranger-danger vibes.. nothing more because that would be too pantomimey and the fashion industry's ridiculed enough as is, and nothing less because less isn't always more as we saw last night.
My three picks are as follows, Solange in Rachel Roy, Kate Bosworth in Prada and MK Olsen in The Row.. Solange because she's a goddess who can do no wrong, Kate because I love the dramatic lip and MK Olsen because I love the whole chic Ms. Havisham thing she's got going on..

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ShayShay... said...

"chic Ms Havisham".

Honestly, the paradox. It excites me so much. LOL.

But I do agree with your picks!