Summer On Hold

1. Acne 'Rita' aviator jacket
2. Topshop silk shirt
3. Moto 'leigh' jeans
4. & 5. Asos Jewellery
6. Acne 'Azalea' loafers

Okay so the weather gods are telling me we've got a summer deferred on our hands. After a little think I decided I can deal with not being able to get my belly, arms, legs and toes out for the lads and ladies if I get to own the Acne peach suede aviator jacket and the 'Azalea' loafers also by Acne.. as you can see I've already decided how I'm going to wear them.



Sade said...

Those Azalea loafers are so cute

T E X T U R E said...

I am in love with that jacket as well (in white)

NRC♥ said...

I agree with Sade the loafers <3

LolaCola said...

Lovely choices doll, that jacket is delish! x

Irene Buffa said...

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Opposite lipstick said...