Yuppie Hippie

While I may be partial to a little bleach-dyeing, I've never been taken by anything tie-dye on the count of my allergy to bright colours. So imagine how excited I was when I found this tunic on ShopAkira that's all buttoned-up hippy in muted camo-ish tones! Can't wait to dress it down when it gets a little warmer!



Southerners from the North said...

gorgeous top. love your collar tips x

TEMI said...

Cute shirt. Love the prints


Superblondeep said...

cool shirt!

Remix said...

I'm also allergic to the bright ty-dyes. Awesome shirt, really a great find.

BobbieAustin27 said...

I really love your blouse
the print is already amazing
but then the collar detail makes it perfect
I love your style, I saw your feature on That Good Good
very cool :)


Neche said...

I love that blouse!
I love your blog so I followed your blog,Please follow me back? at http://allofthatgoodstuff.blogspot.ca/....Thanks girl, it's going to mean a lot to me as a fan and a beginner!