so my mate mr.Sam Bayliss Ibram spotted me and my girls Hannah and Sola on Dont Panic!
I'm sure everyone who's seen this has wondered why the hell i was wearing leather hotpants in -0 weather...i also questioned myself when i got on the Tube and everyone was looking at me like 'who sexxed John and ran' i still dont have an answer 
to see the rest of the pictures click below!

ps.a couple of pics i took of little miss mediocrity that i forgot to post before..


InnyVinny said...

You know...I was going to ask you that too, but I assumed you knew what was best. LOL. Sometimes you have to wear leather hot pants in 0 degree weather. =P

Florie said...

you'd be surprised how many times i've done this...will i ever learrrrrn?!!?

Anonymous said...

Ran across this picture. Met sola while I was in London.

Florie said...

oh cool!well drop me an e-mail next time you're in London, love your stuff by the way!