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yeah i made that up to justify the frequency with which i use the word SHIT nowadays..
this is in regards to uni, how it ended, and how i never somehow prepared myself for the day i'd have to create some sort of structure in my life.. i'm finding it hard to adjust to the fact that i cant just cut an academic institution a fat cheque anymore and expect them to give me tasks to do that keep my life occupied.. you know like how i've done since daycare
So being that i don't know the ins and outs of making a curriculum i've taken to wondering the streets aimlessly pretending to be on a solo school trip
uniform: unitard, heeled trainers, cardigan, scarf, prada sack

expedition type: zoo trip
(aka drinking chai tea latte's in Starbucks on south molton street pretending to write an article)

homework: see reading list
(finish reading the Rum Diary and A Farewell To Arms before attempting to start on Ulysses.. all book reports due in sometime before you die)

do i need help growing up?
yes,i think i do.


Sandy said...

I've been looking for those trainer everywhere hope you don't mind me asking where you got them from?

i'll start this off said...

I know exactly how you feel, i finish this summer. It's like your security net has been pulled from under you. Which is probably why i'm so relieved i'm doing another course for a while. I won't have to play fully fledged adult quite yet.

Congrats on completing education!

Florie said...

I'm at a LOSS for what to do!should i sleep in? go out and rage? read a book? get a job(i know this is really compulsory)? i need structure too much choice overwhelms me!

ps.sandy they're from New Look i got mine in september,wish i'd waited because they have so many different colourways available now :[


InnyVinny said...


Damn twin. You're packing up top. =P

Don't worry. I crave the structure...so much that I went back for no other reason than boredom and wanting to do assignments. Go on a trip, rage, read a book, then find a job. Or gypsy it up and float around the world. Then you can come visit me!

Florie said...

i know the damn tatas and hips need to see themselves off my body soonish they :-/
i just need someone to give me a schedule for life dammit.. i want the structure without the pressure!
i think i'm gonna be a bum whilst i re-adjust for the next month.. or two?

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

your breasts look great in that unitard (no homo) lol.

Florie said...

thank you twin!ps.yes homo!

**OnYxStA** said...

HOTT! Casual yet sexy! love it :)


Christielove said...

wow your body is serious, me and my sister are real appreciators lol
love the body suit

Florie said...

ahhh thanks girls!i'm trying to trim my body down a little bit 'cause i think i'm starting to rely a lil too much on the spandex for lazy quick fix outfits!

MyAlterEgo said...

WOW your body is amazing, why are you trying to trim down? Dont do it!!!

rhoda- S said...

This look is very Nice! I discover your blog by Fashizblack and I loove what I see...