Vintage Shmintage

Despite all the hoopla surrounding Vintage clothing, I've never actually been sold on it. Unlike most, I don't like shopping enough to force myself to poke round a tiny smelly shop for an hour in search of old moth-eaten clothes. I'm too lazy and fragile for the rummage, scrummage and eventual realisation that people with hips were shunned in the 20's-which happens to be my vinny decade of choice (owing to my fascination with all the Gatsby-esque decadence of the era.)
but thanks be to the fashion gods for newly opened Raw Edge Boutique, which is kinda like Asos but for vintage clothing and capsule collections by up and comers like Jacqstar and Kharise Francis, and everything is super affordable..
i'm frothing at the mouth for the following by Jacqstar ..gimmeh gimmeh gimmeh
And these vinny pieces right here are calling my name.. 

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