The Gentlewoman

Happy New Year m'lords and ladies! I would like to decree that this is the year of the Gentlewoman,

gentle·woman (jent'l wo̵om′ən)
noun pl. gentlewomen -·wom′en (-wim′in)
  1. OBSOLETE a woman born into a family of high social standing; lady
  2. a courteous, gracious, considerate woman
  3. HISTORICAL a woman in attendance on a lady of rank
Origin: ME gentil womman

My goal as a Gentlewoman is to remain positive and producing as opposed to negative an consuming at all times. I have faith that the next time I'm saying happy new year I'll be doing it with a bunch of amazing accomplishments under my chastity belt!
I've began as I mean to go on with a trip to Claridge's for tea, champagne, scones and cucumber sammiches.. if this isn't the perfect example of gentlewoman tings then i don't know what is guys..
I know if i'm steadfast in my gentlewomanity, by the end of the year i'll be a real-life, self-made Serena Van Der Woodsen (bar all the fuckery she's always embroiled in..)
"man why cant life always be this easy?"


I'm Just Me said...

pretty!!! love it!!! :)

Florie said...

aww thank you lady!x