I love shopping as much as the next person, but monetarily and emotionally it's revealed itself to be a habit i simply CANNOT afford to indulge anymore. I decided to forgo the big sales shop this season, after last year's trips left me wasteful, unappreciative and majorly depressed about my Christmas weight (bka the baby-weight I've yet to drop despite being 22 o_O).. okay so I say forgo, and what I really mean is I stuck to a money limit and just shopped online instead! One of the few actual-real-life shop purchases are these here New Look wedges that I fell in love with, A.because I don't actually own any plain leather wedges, and B.because they were like £7! Anywhooo idle hands meant that they presented themselves as a DIY challenge..
3 x boxes of Drawing Pins
 1x Straaaawng Hand 
and tahhhdahh 
[jazz hands]
I'm in love, anyone done any successful DIY's recently?


BESOS LYNN said...

Fantastic! I love it. Cool idea, thanks for the great post!

duckalicious said...

omfg! EPIC WIN! I wanted to do that using studs, but of course, nails are the way to go! thumbs up biiig time!

Florie said...

thanks ladies!it's quick and easy but deffo not one for people with weak thumbs..x

Anonymous said...

What a greaaaat idea :o !! I have to try it ABSOLUTELY !!

I'm Just Me said...

yes!!! love the wedges, ill def. have to try that!!! :)


Florie said...

I cant wait to see how everyone's diy's turn out!!its super easy!