I imagine going to gigs is harder for Londoners than most people in other metropoli because of London's size, we get so excited for US acts, everyone who thinks they're someone rocks up dressed to the nines, pretending not to know that the next 2hours of their lives will result in profuse sweating due to the inevitable overexertion of 'hip hop hand', therefore ruining their garms.
I had the worst experience at a Slum Village concert a year ago so I decided I'm better off enjoying hip hop through my headphones or on the dancefloor in the clurrrb, but I've been listening to J.Cole since  he released The Warm Up so I made the exception and boy was he worth it!!
see below to witness 35secs of the greatness.. courtesy of @NicoleReanna

But back to the matter at hand, the feeling I get from Grown Simba is out of control, with every listen it edges ever closer to replacing Jay-Z's Can I Live on my all-time faves list!
"something like Serena mixed with Trina have you seen her?" 


Sandy Tea said...

So true. I was at the Drake/J Cole gig and had a good time but I was a little shocked at the dress code. Felt like a rave lol

Florie said...

seriously why do people do it to themselves?!i saw some girls freezing in party dresses, heels in hand.. is it ever that serious? :-/