Progress Not Perfection

I've recently been spending alot of time meditating over purpose and how I'm supposed to go about fulfilling mine now that I'm a gentlewoman. After all the craziness and New Year hype, I think sometimes you can go through a momentum-dip when you lose focus of all the little things because all the big things you're trying to achieve start to look insurmountable.. Dreaming big is scary when you have the freedom/means to turn the dreams into reality, but here's hoping a dose of FaceFront-aration and eye on the prize-cisation will hold us all in good stead!
Photographer: Karine Basilio
Stylist: Tammy Eckenswiller
Dress To Kill Magazine
I came across this story a while back on Fashion Gone Rogue, every time I see it, it speaks to the Working Girl within..



Anonymous said...

A couple random thoughts come to mind upon reading this post. Is that last picture a dude laying down or a girl with no chest? Also, I have yet to discover what "bloglovin" is. I'll google it. Hmmm...

I followed your blog. Stop by Alee's Perspective sometime :)

Florie said...

lmao i actually follow blogs the old fashioned blogger way so maybe i'll put my bloglovin knowledge to good use.. ps. i think the whole prepubescent-boy thing is a prerequisite to being a model!

duckalicious said...

her facial expression on #2 and #4 ... I tend to delete such photos of myself. I wish I knew that was the way to go! :D

Florie said...

we have much to learn duck.. so so much!!