Blonde Ambition

Ohh Ajak Deng, aside from being one of very few recognisable models of colour doing it big on the catwalks this season(and the past three), she's also the inspiration behind my decision to finally go blonde, and to be fairly honest I'm quite miffed that she went back to black for LFW.. anyhow these polaroids of her completely sold me on the whole blonde thing..

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she's a really close friend in my head so I'm sure she doesn't mind the fact that I copied her..
coat; Asos/ t-shirt; H&M/ shorts; Beyond Retro
(I don't know if my right eye's really small or if my left eye is just unnecessarily big, it's quite distressing to be honest)
I'd like to take this moment to thank Eve for looking like this way back when I thought short hair was only for boys and people with ringworm..



your blonde came out really cute.

Florie said...

thank you!it looks a bit like a carpet though :/