London Fashion Week

Finally getting round to posting my LFW round up, as usual I figure better late than never considering it's a couple of days late and my fingers are eagerly awaiting their chance to type about all things Milan!
Without overstating it's importance, I have to say Fashion Week is a magical period in time, and you don't get the same buzz off a gallery as you do witnessing a show in person, the flashes, the girls, the music, the people, and it's over within 5minutes!
My favourite shows this go round had to be James Long, Elliot Atkinson and Simone Rocha, showing at Fashion East, with Mary Katrantzou and Holy Fulton added for good measure.

James Long
I love how light the knitted pieces look despite the fact that the knits are thick, and the beaded detailing adds a fun touch of colour rounds.. LIKE

Elliot Atkinson
off to the Wild West we go!!feathers .. check, shaggy fur ..check, skinny brooch ties ..check! LOVE
(one a side note, I really hope he gets an investor or a high end stockist so he continues to show at LFW because I really love his collection!)

Simone Rocha
tulle over wool, fur over tulle NUFF said.. LOVE

Holy Fulton
the fact that she used those studded Louboutin boots I'll never get over.. LOVE

Mary Katrantzou
the softer cuts, the brocade prints and the light pastels are stirring up the GYPSET vibe in me.. LOVE


Anonymous said...

Love those collections! Amazing!

Florie said...

I know right I'm so in lurrrve with Simone Rocha and Mary Katrantzou's collections!