Motel Rocks!

had the pleasure of joining the ladies at Motel Rocks for their showroom opening last week and I had a great time! I got the opportunity to drool over the A/W collection which included the pieces below that I personally loved (seriously why don't I own tartan peg legs already waaaah ?_?)
nb. the rose-print playsuit (top right) MUST be mine as soon as it hits the store!!

and now for the personal fail of the day.. imagine running from Mornington Crescent to Great Portland Street like the devil was trying to chew on your bum, all the while lighting 10 menthols in quick succession, because that's exactly what I was doing up until the moment I stepped into the event..  I hope that little intro explains my sweaty-betty face and the tumbler of wine, if not then whatever.


Audrey W. said...

I still think you look cute. We all get sweaty, you know. Bloggers are humans too.

The event looked like fun :)

Audrey W.

Alter Ego said...

fun!! yammie cupcake :p

xo lovee

Desiree Love (Lily) said...

I used to be a menthol chain man, know the feeling.
You still, look fab.

I want those creepers so BADLY

Jen said...

Those tartan pants need to be mine and lool you still look great.

Jen xx

Southerners from the North said...

those tartan pants have got to be the best thing, from what i can see!

Lola x

Fashion Means Everything said...

so cute

Marcela Gmd said...

Bonito post! I like your blog!
Maybe we can follow each other?
Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela